October 20, 2012   by

Happy Kenyatta Day! Would like to highlight some feedback received so far from We have received some bug reports which we are working on Members find the sms feature useful There is confusion on sign up. Members signing up right... View Article

October 03, 2012   by

Welcome to chamasoft beta We missed our due date on 1st of October 2012 for the launch of chamasoft beta version. Apologies for that, this is due to some internal resource allocation issues. I might blame the government, the weather... View Article

September 21, 2012   by

The  chama constitution The constitution is the engine that ensures effective running of an investment group. It lays the foundational understanding upon which other structures and activities are build on. This are set rules of agreement that members must agree... View Article

September 19, 2012   by

Chamasoft Beta Announcement A small update  on where we are with chamasoft at the moment. We have a tentative day of launching a beta version of chamasoft on Monday 1st October 2012….We have since moved this date to 1st October... View Article

September 13, 2012   by

Becoming an Investment group We have tackled a lot on the investment packages being offered by several of our commercial banks. But before a group can go the lengths of savings up to an investment, it is very important to... View Article

August 31, 2012   by

Tuungane Account – Kenya Commercial Bank We continue looking at the options Chama’s have when it comes to bank accounts, loans and other benefits. Lets take a look at the option the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has to offer. KCB... View Article

August 31, 2012   by

Chama Investment Account- Family Bank We have looked at various banks accounts targeting Chama’s offered by different banks. ( insert links). We continue looking at the options Chama’s have when it comes to bank accounts, loans and other benefits. Today... View Article

August 30, 2012   by

The Super Chama Account In this article we are going to look at the investment group focused account offered by the National Bank of Kenya, the Super chama Account. First off all, a little bit about the bank. The National... View Article

August 10, 2012   by

Vuna Chama Account : Consolidated Bank In the previous post, we looked the Bank of Africa ‘Chama Account’ and the value add services it offers investment groups. We continue looking at the options Chama’s have when it comes to bank... View Article

August 10, 2012   by

BANK OF AFRICA CHAMA ACCOUNT REVIEW This is a new series that will review chama account options for investment groups and chamas. Investments groups today have various options when it comes to savings. Banks have rolled out specialised products for Chama’s... View Article

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