August 30, 2013   by

Are you thinking of a way you can invest your chama money? If you are, you maybe thinking of putting your money in a business such as a salon, matatu or schoolbus. However, there is one other way you can... View Article

August 29, 2013   by

One of the pillars of a successful Chama is effective meetings.  Without well planned meetings your Chama may not achieve much.  That’s why a first chama meeting is quite important and can set the tone and expectations for future meetings.... View Article

August 29, 2013   by

The main purpose of any Chama is to pool money together for a common goal. In view of this, it is imperative that members have a source of income. Either from business or formal employment. Some Chamas constitute of those... View Article

August 28, 2013   by

By Mary Anne Zita Unit trusts have long been considered low risk investments. In your Chama if you have some money saved up, consider investing in a unit trust.  This is especially good for you if your members don’t have... View Article

August 28, 2013   by

By Mary Anne Zita When you have a Chama, you bring people from diverse backgrounds together with different outlooks to life. As a leader of this group, one of the things to expect is conflict. You can’t run away from... View Article

August 27, 2013   by

By Marynn Zita We are all in chamas and we know just how difficult it can be to run one. What with dealing with people from different backgrounds, different personalities all sharing a common goal of attaining financial independence. Do... View Article

August 26, 2013   by

By Maryann Zita Many of us dream of earning extra income when employed. Some of us have ventured into side businesses which we have aptly closed after some time due to lack of time to run the business whilst still... View Article

August 23, 2013   by

By Maryann Zita As a Chama, did you know that you can achieve your dreams faster than you imagined? In this article, I will show you exactly where you can borrow up to 9 times what you have saved as... View Article

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