September 30, 2013   by

Once you have your chama members you need to keep them – if a member leaves then that leaves a gap in your chama, both in terms of members and of course a financial gap. That’s why it is your... View Article

September 29, 2013   by

A chama involves holding numerous meetings with the members to get things done. Whilst many of us approach the chama meetings in a casual fashion, where discussions are made orally and nothing is taken down, it is important to embrace... View Article

September 28, 2013   by

In your chama you may have several investments including traditional shares and treasury bonds, real estate, bank accounts. How about putting your money in agriculture? Investing in a farm allows you to speculate on the price of food, which is... View Article

September 27, 2013   by

Running a chama is no easy task. And sometimes one of the worst decisions that chamas make is to add members who do not blend well with the chama. That said some of the luckiest chamas are those who have... View Article

September 26, 2013   by

Chamas are formed as an avenue to pool money and invest or as a social vehicle. So, we save religiously every month and when the time is right, we invest in something lucrative, set to give handsome returns. Then we... View Article

September 25, 2013   by

Chamas are evolving groups. Members come and go and sometimes we need to add on new members to fill the gap. All the members join hands and go out and recruit new members to join the chama. Now, the chama... View Article

September 24, 2013   by

If you’re just starting a chama, one of the first and most important decisions you will make is what to name your group. It sounds easy enough. Make up a funny name and your Chama is up and running. But... View Article

September 23, 2013   by

As investors in the chama, sometimes we make mistakes and do a bad investment. It is common to hear friends share stories of investments gone bad. More often than not, they started well did their research, checked the technical’s, considered... View Article

September 22, 2013   by

Running of successful chama involves regular meetings. Thus, it is important that we have minutes taken. Minutes are a record of what went on at a meeting. They are a record of the decisions made at a meeting and can... View Article

September 21, 2013   by

A couple of years ago, a new sensation hit Kenya. Investment companies were mushrooming all over. They claimed to offer investors ridiculously high interest for their money. Some would even double the money in just one month! There were no... View Article

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