October 19, 2013   by

By Mary Anne Zita Running a Chama is no easy task. However, to make things easier, every Chama needs rules that all members of the Chama have agreed upon. This allows everyone to know the other members’ expectations, and provides... View Article

October 18, 2013   by

By Mary Anne Zita The other members of the Wise Ladies Chama were growing increasingly angry at Nancy, the treasurer. She had been missing a lot of meetings and several of the Chama’s contribution banking had been made late. Josephine,... View Article

October 15, 2013   by

We would like to thank all the users who have signed up their chama to chamasoft.com Here are important announcements with regard to pricing, discounts and  Trial period Chamasoft Pricing Chamasoft will be made available to users on monthly subscription... View Article

October 04, 2013   by

Real estate has always been considered to be one of the top-notch investment options. However, if you are thinking of acquiring a rental property through mortgage, you and your Chama members must be very vigilant, lest you make a poor... View Article

October 03, 2013   by

Many of us detest making decisions. We ‘sleep on it’, think about it and still hesitate to make a decision. Nobody said decision making is easy, but it is something that must be done from time to time. In a... View Article

October 02, 2013   by

When we join a chama for investment purposes, many of us are looking at investing for future purposes. Investing doesn’t have to be all about retirement and the remote future. Those things are important, and you should keep an eye... View Article

October 01, 2013   by

If you decide as a Chama to invest in the stock market; remember that the main aim of buying shares is to sell for a profit. While you are holding on to your shares, you can enjoy the dividend paid... View Article

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