November 30, 2013   by

In every Chama, money is always involved. Money which belongs to the Chama as a whole not to the members concerned. The person who looks after the financial affairs of the Chama, the Treasurer, wants to do what is in... View Article

November 29, 2013   by

Nairobi, 29th November 2013 Chamasoft has new pricing plans. Chamasoft today announced its new pricing packages. The new pricing packages take into consideration the requests we received from  our customers over the last 2 months with regard to the product... View Article

November 29, 2013   by

Be creative when planning your Chama meetings . When arranging for a Chama meeting, it is vital to find the right space to get together in. Your surroundings can help to make or break relationships between members and your choice of... View Article

November 28, 2013   by

New Chama members represent an important group for two reasons. At the beginning is the best opportunity to lay the foundation for long-term loyalty and the time that most members are likely to leave because the passive members will have... View Article

November 27, 2013   by

One day A Chama leader was chairing a meeting and noticed Lisa, an otherwise talkative lady sitting in the meeting looking sad and upset. She could barely say a word. “What’s the matter, Lisa?” the Chama leader asked. The truth... View Article

November 26, 2013   by

How many times have you been in a Chama meeting and it just goes on and on with mindless chatter and nothing gets accomplished. Some meetings stretch up to four hours with members just chattering away. How often have you... View Article

November 25, 2013   by

Many Chamas have dreams of owning property for rental. There is a strong interest in people looking to enter the property market but typically lending institutions require a deposit of about 20 percent of the total value of the home.... View Article

November 24, 2013   by

Every Chama leader must pick a Deputy Chairlady to help her run the Chama as well as stand in for her in her absence. This is a very powerful docket in the Chama as this person is number two to... View Article

November 23, 2013   by

One of the key items that your Chama needs from the onset is a good constitution. The Chama’s Constitutition provides the legal framework for The Chama’s organisation. The Constitution should be signed by every Chama member and can only be... View Article

November 22, 2013   by

How two groups of professional women have used a Chama to build  Creating a Chama to build wealth is a great strategy. This week we interview two very different Chamas to learn more about how to make your Chama a... View Article

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