November 21, 2013   by

Having a mission for your Chama is critical to your success. As a Chama leader, ask yourself – what do I want for me and my Chama members? This may sound obvious. But it is remarkable how many Chama leaders... View Article

November 20, 2013   by

No group of people is perfect. People have flaws and failings. In most cases a Chama succeeds. In some cases a Chama’s failings are so great that nothing gets done. When a Chama is like this, it is dysfunctional and... View Article

November 19, 2013   by

The Chama members’ contributions are just one of the things a Chama must rely on for financial support. The Chama treasurer’s role is vital to a Chama. The ability of the Chama to run smoothly is dependent on the financial... View Article

November 18, 2013   by

A frustrated Chama leader, came to the meeting one day, slumped into the chair and said, clearly bewildered: “I have done everything I can to make the Chama members happy – we are friendly to everyone, we have a solid... View Article

November 17, 2013   by

Any organized Chama meeting needs a good agenda. A clear agenda will improve the effectiveness of the meeting, yet it is often the most overlooked part. If you have no clear goals and are not prepared, the meeting will turn... View Article

November 16, 2013   by

In the Chama, we have very important documents that we need to keep handy and organized. You never know when you will suddenly need to find the Chama bylaws for reference. Or perhaps you will need to go back to... View Article

November 15, 2013   by

Having The Chama come to your house is fun and all, but not for them if you’re a bad host. Being a good host and making them feel welcome is important for a good time together. Here’s how to be... View Article

November 14, 2013   by

How do you handle a situation as a Chama leader where one member of the Chama seems to dominate the conversation during meetings? How often have you been in a Chama meeting and said to yourself “Why don’t they shut... View Article

November 13, 2013   by

When investing and trading in the Nairobi Stock Exchange, losses are inevitable sometimes. You are going to lose money if you invest in stocks. Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen. In its simplest and perhaps most painful form, you... View Article

November 12, 2013   by

Your Chama has done all the right things. You have made money, invested wisely, saved, and been smart with your money thus you are a well-established, wealthy Chama. But here’s your problem: All of you in the Chama are in... View Article

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