July 14, 2014   by

Every chama  must have an AGM Meeting(Annual General Meeting )at least once an year. Some will even have EGM(Extra Ordinary Meetings) to make some decisions that cannot await a formal AGM. There are some prepartions that your can undertake to make... View Article

July 10, 2014   by

Been a long time since we  gave an update on  chamasoft. The project has been going on very well and we are grateful to all our users on using the application, testing it out, reaching out to us through emails... View Article

February 02, 2014   by

Imagine that you’ve recruited the best people into your Chama. You had high hopes for the Chama, so you feel frustrated when people can’t seem to work together. When analyzing what is ailing your Chama, several factors come into play.... View Article

February 01, 2014   by

Supposing your Chama has ten people and you save Kshs.3,000 each. Did you know that with the Kshs.30,000 you collect you can start a viable venture that will rake in cash beyond your wildest dreams. Perhaps your Chama has a... View Article

January 31, 2014   by

Previously we have talked about how to tell that you have lost respect in the Chama.  Yes, respect is very important if you want to get somewhere with your Chama.  In fact, in order for a Chama to be successful, there... View Article

January 30, 2014   by

A basic accounting system is one of the cornerstones of any successful Chama.  Regardless of the size of your Chama; from a small one with just a handful of members to a large one with many members, you will need... View Article

January 27, 2014   by

Most successful investment groups use a good plan to achieve their goals.  Without a plan, you are likely to lose the plot at some point.  Thus, planning is one of the most important project management and time management techniques. Planning... View Article

January 26, 2014   by

Why your Chama needs a culture No two Chamas are the same.  They differ in terms of investment vision, members and even ideologies.  For these Chamas to accomplish their goals, they must embrace a set of behaviors that will get... View Article

January 25, 2014   by

Besides buying stocks, one of the most popular investments with Chamas is property.  Whilst this is a relatively straight forward sort of investment unlike stocks; you still need some know-how on how to invest the smart way.  Here are some... View Article

January 24, 2014   by

Team building and teamwork skills are critical for your effectiveness as a Chama leader. Team building success is when your Chama can accomplish something bigger and investment goals more effectively than a group of the same individuals investing on their... View Article

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