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For most of us, a cell phone is so important that we cannot imagine life without it.  However, as much as we are attached to our phones, there is a place where they cause a lot of irritation.  In meetings. ... View Article

January 18, 2014   by

For some of us, a boring meeting is one of the most dreaded aspects of the Chama. A boring meeting leads to detachment by members, and they will not participate as much as they would if they were enjoying the... View Article

January 17, 2014   by

As a Chama, when you first commit to the goal to save millions, buy property, or buy treasury bonds, you are very excited. You can’t wait to get started on making your dreams a reality. If your goals is to... View Article

January 16, 2014   by

Many Chamas are embracing buying shares in the Nairobi Stock exchange and yours should not be left behind.  Whilst most of us think that trading in stocks is a little complex, it is actually not so bad, once you have... View Article

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Most people who have achieved financial independence and become wealthy did not do it alone.  Many of us do not realize the importance of working with a team to achieve big things that we could only dream of.  As one... View Article

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There are a lot of Chamas that start small and eventually grow to become a powerhouse investment club rich with assets and capital for investing. One of the secrets of their great success is working with an investment bank.   One... View Article

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If your Chama has invested in stocks, you already know that lots of companies trade in the stock market in the Nairobi Stock Exchange from early morning and continues almost non-stop right until the final bell sounds on the Nairobi... View Article

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If you have founded a Chama, it is a big responsibility. Members will be looking for your advice. There will be members looking for your approvals and your permissions. There will be those looking to inform you about what is... View Article

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For Chamas to be successful in anything they do, they have to have the ability to focus. Focus is not only needed when you are competing in any sports, even while you are driving you need to focus your mind... View Article

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The business of Chamas is all about teamwork. A collective effort of all members towards a common goal. The truth is, Chamas consist of different personalities some hardworking and focused, others with a lackluster, casual attitude towards Chama activities. This... View Article

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