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JOB DESCRIPTION: UX and UI Designer Brief profile: The user interface and user experience designer will be responsible for how the product feels, product layout, product workflows.   The UX and UI designer will define interaction models, user task flows, and... View Article

October 05, 2015   by

JOB DESCRIPTION: Software engineer Brief profile: Chamasoft is looking for a passionate Data Analyst to turn data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions. You will conduct full lifecycle activities to include requirements analysis and design, develop... View Article

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Brief profile: Chamasoft is looking for a skilled and experienced product sales and distribution manager The successful candidate will create a product sales and distribution strategy that will help us reach more investment and savings  groups Department      Sales and Distribution... View Article

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Have a large Chama? Here’s how to manage the meetings Sometimes your Chama may grow into something very big.  That’s a good thing right?The answer is yes and no.  Sometimes when the group is too big, it can bring with... View Article

March 31, 2015   by

Some of us are introverts and not really into mixing with people. However if you are going to run a Chama successfully, it would be a good idea to learn the ropes on how to be a ‘people-person’ even if... View Article

March 15, 2015   by

Use tact when communicating in the Chama We all have to communicate painful or sensitive information at some point.  And, while it’s important to tell the truth, we need to think about how we do it. Tact allows us to... View Article

March 14, 2015   by

Actions after the Chama meeting play a big role in helping you achieve expected, positive, and constructive outcomes. Your actions following the meeting are very crucial. Often people need a gentle nudge to remind them about completing action items.  Leaders... View Article

March 13, 2015   by

Some Chamas have it rough. They’re particularly vulnerable to fraud because they lack the resources or knowledge to put in systems of controls and properly delegate chama accounting duties among their members or to a chama management system. However, Chamas... View Article

March 12, 2015   by

And now that you have a Chama? Well, here comes the tricky part: you have to attract and recruit  new  chama members.  New member recruitment is crucial to your Chama success. They are the lifeblood of keeping your group strong,... View Article

March 10, 2015   by

Some chamas that contribute modest amounts per month may face challenges on how to grow their savings so as to earn more and reach their goals.   Whilst some adapt the merry-go-round concept where all the money contributed during the monthly... View Article

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