July 29, 2016   by

Making the decision Imagine gathering people in a room to make a simple decision on whom to lead them and nothing happens! Frustration walks in when people cannot come up with a decision. Agreeing upon officials  to lead a group is important... View Article

July 26, 2016   by

How to set your Chama’s Foundation Chama leaders are most vulnerable in their first few months with their new Chama. It’s a bit like starting a new job; those early impressions, right or wrong, can really stick. And the stakes... View Article

July 25, 2016   by

Understanding How ROSCAS Work Ever heard of ROSCAS? ROSCA is an acronym for Rotating savings  and Credit associations. ROSCAs are amongst the oldest and traditional savings institutions in the world and play a vital role in society. ROSCAs’ vary but... View Article

July 15, 2016   by

How to Negotiate: The Art of negotiating for property your Chama should know. Do you know how to negotiate? As a Chama it is important for members to realize that old-school haggling can work wonders when it comes to getting... View Article

July 14, 2016   by

Planning an offsite meeting Are you thinking of having an offline meeting for your group? Let’s face it. Chama meetings can become boring if we keep doing the same things all the time. You know the routine. The Chama ladies... View Article

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