August 30, 2016   by

How your Chama can invest in T-bonds and T-Bills Chama’s’ experience various challenges in handling money. Most groups work on high self-assurance and in the case of problems, money recovery gets to be troublesome. To avoid the very nature of... View Article

August 22, 2016   by

Accumulating Savings and Credit Association  Individual saving  can be done either by having an account in a banking institution or having a piggy bank.  When on joins a group they learn to save as part of the group.  Choices of saving... View Article

August 20, 2016   by

Most people are actually somewhere between being a good leader and a bad leader, with the majority uncertain of the connection between their leadership and performance. A deeper knowledge of what great leadership is will then enable you to break-through... View Article

August 18, 2016   by

Leaders need to show more composed in any Chama when there is a meeting or a problem to be handled.Leaders must have greater poise, agility and patience to lower the impact of uncertainty. How leaders respond to growing pressure in... View Article

August 12, 2016   by

Group Climate Group climate is the emotional atmosphere, the enveloping tone that is created by the way we communicate in groups. A positive climate exists when individuals perceive that they are valued, supported, and treated will by the group. A... View Article

August 11, 2016   by

Communication Climate Communication climate is the relative acceptance or rejection a group member feels based on the social and psychological tone of the relationships established among group member. Supportive Communication Climate In a supportive communication climate, group members feel their... View Article

August 06, 2016   by

 The five C’s of  a Chama Clear Expectations Chama members wouldn’t know how to achieve the best if they have no clear idea of what their goal is. Communication about the group expectations should be done as early during the... View Article

August 04, 2016   by

  Some Chama’s opt to move as investment options whereby after a long stretch of time the funds are re-invested for the individuals’ advantages. However, a major portion of existing groups do not invest. The few opt to make investment... View Article

August 01, 2016   by

Young Chama’s consist of members whose age groups fall between 18-35 years. According to statistics, the unemployment rate in Kenya in 2011 was at 40% majority comprised of the youth (World Bank, 2011). Youths are therefore encouraged to join Chama’s... View Article

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