October 31, 2016   by

“There’s still money in real estate”…. a statement made by many It sounds interesting, but all the same, you’re a bit confused by the ins and outs of the market. You might be familiar with the stock investment club model,... View Article

October 19, 2016   by

The strongest and most successful Chama of this age are the ones that promote diversity. People from diverse age groups who work together will help to build a stronger Chama that has more innovative and creative ideas and results. However,... View Article

October 17, 2016   by

Proper management of assets and investments are an important factor when it comes to the growth of wealth. While they may sound different asset management and investment management are quite similar to one another with a few subtle differences. What... View Article

October 05, 2016   by

LAND INCOME FOR CHAMAS Land is a scarce resource. With increasing human population, land available for agriculture or homes is shrinking. Buying large chunks and dividing into smaller portions and sell after a year or less.Returns can be as high... View Article

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