June 27, 2018   by

It is rightly said that ‘unity is strength’, and in the case of investment groups, oneness and unity are vital ingredients to a successful investment journey. When group members are united, it becomes much easier for agreements to be struck... View Article

June 21, 2018   by

One of the most important decisions that members of any investment group will have to make is the decision regarding the type of their leaders. It doesn’t matter how poetic the group manifesto is, how high they have set their... View Article

June 19, 2018   by

Every social setup is bound to experience some form of friction from time to time. For chamas and other investment groups, even with a vigorous vetting process and careful selection of new members in a quest to avoid internal squabbles,... View Article

June 14, 2018   by

Napoleon Hill, in his best-seller “Think and Grow Rich” observes that “…wishing will not bring you wealth. But …desiring wealth with a state of mind that becomes an obsession, then planning definite means and ways to acquire wealth, and backing... View Article

June 13, 2018   by

So your chama has now grown from the small, naive group it was in the beginning to a position where you can qualify for a bank loan .Probably you have already registered yourselves as a SACCO and are looking to... View Article

June 06, 2018   by

“No one is coming to the rescue Chief!”( Ok, I added the word “Chief”.) I heard  Brian Tracy say on the podcast. I almost laughed. I had waited and waited for someone to come and mentor me, someone to come... View Article

June 06, 2018   by

Mapato  group is a merry-go-round Chama consisting of sixteen women of middle income in their middle 40’s. The group has been in existence for about nine years now, and the members have grown closer since and they are now each... View Article

June 04, 2018   by

When you enter the search ‘chama management software’ in your browser,one of the top results that appear will be Chamasoft. Unlike the other group management software out there,it has come with a bold approach to chama management which,combined with its... View Article

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