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January 11, 2014   by

For Chamas to be successful in anything they do, they have to have the ability to focus. Focus is not only needed when you are competing in any sports, even while you are driving you need to focus your mind... View Article

January 10, 2014   by

The business of Chamas is all about teamwork. A collective effort of all members towards a common goal. The truth is, Chamas consist of different personalities some hardworking and focused, others with a lackluster, casual attitude towards Chama activities. This... View Article

January 09, 2014   by

You have set up your Chama with great investment ideas. As you write down what you want to achieve with your group, you should be thinking about the crucial next step: How to pick the right people for your Chama.... View Article

January 08, 2014   by

If you have founded a Chama or are looking to start one; getting members to join you is one of the most crucial yet difficult exercise you have to do.  The essence of any Chama is the members thus once... View Article

January 07, 2014   by

The Chama business is done mainly during the monthly meetings. Thus it is important to ensure that your meetings are productive and all or majority of the members attend and are fully engaged. So, when is the best day of... View Article

December 14, 2013   by

The exit meeting with a member who has decided to leave the Chama is your opportunity to gather information about what your Chama is doing well and, what your Chama needs to do to improve things. As a Chama leader,... View Article

December 13, 2013   by

You have set up your new Chama, it has a name, and you have members and are ready to roll. But, wait a minute, as the founder and leader of this Chama, what is expected of you? Great leaders tend... View Article

December 12, 2013   by

There many Chama leaders trying to manage a Chama that has lost respect for them; and many don’t even realize that they’ve lost control of their Chama. Are you faced with any of these issues? Chama members are not paying... View Article

December 11, 2013   by

Many Chama founders have a difficult time recruiting members for their investment clubs. At times they get people in who leave a short while after. In desperation to fill up their Chamas, they do things hurriedly making mistakes in the... View Article

December 10, 2013   by

When working in a group full of people with diverse opinions such as a Chama, it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page. The group discussion can go on for hours. People can often see issues differently... View Article

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