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December 09, 2013   by

Do you seem to be late for Chama meetings a lot? Has the Chama leader warned you about it? For some people, being on time seems nearly impossible. They are always coming into the Chama meeting in a rush, arriving... View Article

December 08, 2013   by

The main reason you are in a Chama is to work together with your friends towards a common goal. The truth is, unless you are quite wealthy, investment is best done in a group. More money can be put up... View Article

December 07, 2013   by

Every Chama makes mistakes, but the key is to learn and not repeat them. That can be easier said than done. If strategic, mistakes serve any function; they are to teach Chamas how to avoid messing up. Ideally, Chamas everywhere... View Article

December 07, 2013   by

When you join a new Chama, you need to adjust yourself so as to fit.  Here are some simple strategies and rules in managing the first days in a new Chama and positioning yourself for success. You are not in... View Article

December 06, 2013   by

Many Chamas operate in a very informal fashion. No registration, just people who meet, contribute money and bank it or invest it without any sort of formal identity for the Chama. Whilst this type of arrangement may work in the... View Article

December 05, 2013   by

When a member decides to leave the Chama, it brings upheaval to the group as there is less contributions per month plus you have to withdraw savings from the bank or liquidate investments so as to refund to the leaving... View Article

December 04, 2013   by

There are several ways to make money out of real estate, but if you want to make sizeable investment in property then one of the ways you can do it is by buying and renovating houses that you can rent... View Article

December 03, 2013   by

Have you cast a clear vision for your new Chama? Can your members recite the vision in one sentence? Do they know the specific role they will play to be successful?  One Chama leader made a mistake of putting out... View Article

December 01, 2013   by

Whether you lead a small Chama just starting out or you have a large successful well established Chama, every Chama leader runs into these types: The members who don’t seem motivated, don’t deliver what they promise, and seem to spend... View Article

November 30, 2013   by

In every Chama, money is always involved. Money which belongs to the Chama as a whole not to the members concerned. The person who looks after the financial affairs of the Chama, the Treasurer, wants to do what is in... View Article

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