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Most people who have achieved financial independence and become wealthy did not do it alone.  Many of us do not realize the importance of working with a team to achieve big things that we could only dream of.  As one person, you are limited however with a team you can achieve so much.  That’s why you should build a Chama that will help you achieve your financial dreams thus the key to success is in surrounding yourself with the best.   A good Chama will push you to a level that you didn’t know was possible.  Here are 10 tips to building a great Chama.

Recruit people with diversity, but not opposites
If your whole Chama consists of like-minded people, you limit the creativity the Chama can offer.  Find people outside of your box and if you don’t have any, seek feedback from those members in the club

Get people moving
HOW TO BIULD YOUR OWN DREAM CHAMANothing is more frustrating than spending hours in a meeting where people are trying to communicate simple concepts.  Create an environment that gets people talking but keeps them moving.

Get a balance of creative and analytical members
This way both sides are covered.  Allow each of them the freedom to dream big with the ideas and watch the magic.

Fill the Chama with yes-people
Most of us have been on Chamas where there has been at least one complainer.  The person who thinks nothing is possible and everything is an inconvenience.  Stop wasting time.  Try to find a way to involve these people in the solution or work around them.  Believing anything is possible is vital to the creative process.

Get people who see the big picture
Often Chama members are single focused on their piece of the project. For some tasks that works great, but it is always important to understand that tasks are not always interdependent. Most need to fit within the big picture. People who understand this will move more smoothly through the project with the consideration that their work impacts a much bigger picture.

Look for the optimistic people
Try not to pick a Chama member who is negative.  Instead, surround yourself with people who know that mountains are scaled one step at a time.  If you already have one of these people on your team, give positive feedback each time someone remains optimistic.

People who know when to ask for help
One of the greatest skills a Chama member can have is the ability to sense when they need help.
Sometimes it can be a simple nod that they are moving in the right direction.  But if they get really stuck, they should ask for help instead of trying to fake their way through it.   As a leader you may not appreciate those who came to you with questions they could have easily researched.  It isn’t always respectful of your time.  However, encourage members to come to you if they help as this shows that they trust you and they are willing to work with you towards a common goal.

Not every Chama is cohesive, So even if you don’t exactly have the “dream Chama”, with a little work, a good attitude and some patience you can.


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