September 21, 2016   by

Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILCs) are a type of community-based Accumulating Savings and Credit Association (ASCA). The basic principle of Savings and Internal Lending Communities is that a group of self-selected people come together to form a SILC and... View Article

August 30, 2016   by

How your Chama can invest in T-bonds and T-Bills Chama’s’ experience various challenges in handling money. Most groups work on high self-assurance and in the case of problems, money recovery gets to be troublesome. To avoid the very nature of... View Article

August 22, 2016   by

Accumulating Savings and Credit Association  Individual saving  can be done either by having an account in a banking institution or having a piggy bank.  When on joins a group they learn to save as part of the group.  Choices of saving... View Article

July 15, 2016   by

How to Negotiate: The Art of negotiating for property your Chama should know. Do you know how to negotiate? As a Chama it is important for members to realize that old-school haggling can work wonders when it comes to getting... View Article

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