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Financial Inclusion by SACCOs has proved to be successful as a result of their vital role in providing financial services to low-income earners and marginalized groups. Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOS) are member-owned financial institutions that offer savings and credit... View Article

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The wheels just keep on turning, the drummer begins to drum, I dont know which way I am going, I dont know which way I have come…. Coldplay Til Kingdom Comes. X and Y Album Its been a beautiful albeit... View Article

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Recently, more people have begun to embrace the approach of joining Chamas and Saccos in order to invest. With that in place a lot of Chamas and Saccos have emerged all with different goals and missions. The option of joining... View Article

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Most of us are members of many different social groups, and several of those groups have leaders. there are different types of leadership styles that a group leader can adopt and manage a group effectively. Instrumental vs. Expressive Leadership Many... View Article

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Fundamentally, groups have three ways to make money when purchasing investment property. The first is to lease the property for an indefinite period at rents that exceed the cost of holding the asset.  Purchase the property with the intent of... View Article

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In today’s investment ventures, ensured the low return is adequate, and that clarifies why most financial specialists will decide on speculation at the equity market sector to some other alternative. In the larger world of fund administration, sufficiently huge is... View Article

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A Chama can be described as an is an important, dynamic unit working together to achieve success in accomplishing a goal through investment. First, the work of the team needs to be clearly defined and matched to some real needs... View Article

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Interventions Interventions are techniques to use when you are confronted with disruption or problems during the meetings. They can be used separately, but are usually more effective when used in combination. Interventions attempt to be low on the confrontation scale... View Article

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“There’s still money in real estate”…. a statement made by many It sounds interesting, but all the same, you’re a bit confused by the ins and outs of the market. You might be familiar with the stock investment club model,... View Article

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The strongest and most successful Chama of this age are the ones that promote diversity. People from diverse age groups who work together will help to build a stronger Chama that has more innovative and creative ideas and results. However,... View Article

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