Financial Inclusion by SACCOs: A look at Kenya’s success story.
March 13, 2023   by Cynthia Njoki
May 09, 2024   by

Financial management in chamas is crucial while growing chamas and increasing chama membership. Normally, chamas are investment groups, offering many people of different backgrounds financial help. Chama members handle money daily,  whether as contributions or investments. Therefore, chama administrators must... View Article

May 08, 2024   by

Chama membership is a direct reflection of whether a chama is growing positively or it is losing its members. A great chama will have an increase in new chama members registering with the chama. However, some chamas may have a... View Article

May 07, 2024   by

Young people in SACCOs are decreasing in membership numbers as more SACCOs grow and expand. SACCOs in Kenya have grown over the several decades, with many providing the community with different financial solutions. Unfortunately, many young people see SACCOs as... View Article

May 07, 2024   by

Chama growth is a huge measure to monitor how well a chama is doing. Opening and running a chama may seem like an uphill task. However, maintaining and improving one is a crucial issue facing new chamas. Chamas are a... View Article

October 02, 2023   by

Introduction Chamas, the informal savings and investment groups, have proven to be more than just a means of saving money. They can also serve as a powerful vehicle for financing business ventures and entrepreneurial dreams. In this article,we’ll learn How... View Article

September 28, 2023   by

Introduction Chamas are self-help groups that are common in many African countries. They are typically made up of a group of people who come together to save money and support each other financially. They can play a significant role in... View Article

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