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We would like to thank all the users who have signed up their chama to chamasoft.com

Here are important announcements with regard to pricing, discounts and  Trial period

Chamasoft Pricing

Chamasoft will be made available to users on monthly subscription packages.Our pricing model is straightforward where we charge a flat monthly subscription fee per user

Chamasoft pricing

Chamasoft Pricing packages

Our Chamasoft Lite package starts at Kes 100 per user per month while the Chamasoft Pro Package starts at  Kes 250 per user per month .  We also have custom packages for Government Agencies, Saccos and other entities who would be interested in a customized version of chamasoft


Ps: As at 29th November 2013, we revised our pricing structure . Prices now start at Kes 499 per month for a group of 5

30 Day Trial  period

The official trial period begins on 1st November 2013  and It will expire on 30th November, So the first payments will be due on 1st December 2013

You will need to complete the setup process including registering all additional members to the list and also selecting your package between Chamasoft lite and Chamasoft Pro

Lifetime Discount

As we have mentioned in our pricing page, we are extending a 20% lifetime discount to all grroups who sign up on or before 31st December 2013. This discount will be applied to all the future billings for the groups that register before this time.

You will have to complete your group  profile before you are eligible for this discount

Exactly how shall we charge your group?

If you indicate that your group has 30 people and you have registered 15, you would be charged for the 30 people, thus its important that you complete the membership registration, or revise the number of people in your group to 15.

In case you indicate that your membership, for instance is 10 and you have registered a total of 17 people, you will be billed for 17 people and the number of members in your group will automatically be adjusted by the system

Please make sure to review our FAQs and also let us know the other clarifications you would want

In case of more queries, be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this page, get in touch by email or call Chamasoft Product Manager Mr Edwin  Njoroge on  +254-721106625

Thank you for being our valued subscriber and for registering your group with us.


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