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Every Chama leader must pick a Deputy Chairlady to help her run the Chama as well as stand in for her in her absence. This is a very powerful docket in the Chama as this person is number two to the leader. Be assured that everyone in your Chama wants you to be successful. Most members will help you succeed if the tasks and expectations are clearly defined and reasonable and the members share appropriate interest and skill. You represent the Chairlady in her absence for members will follow; attendance, a positive attitude and working with the members’ interests in mind are most important. So, once you are picked to hold this office, what is your role really? For starters, a Vice President’s duties as a social club officer are similar to that of the President’s duties. The Vice President of the club oversees events by the appointed committees and members but also steps into the role of President if the President is unavailable. He may also be responsible for planning and organizing approved events for the social club. Here’s more of what is expected of you.

Support the Chairlady

A well-organized and properly operating Chama should have a properly trained Deputy Chairlady who is prepared to administer the Chama in the absence of the leader.

Plan programs and education

  • Plan effective meetings.
  • Work with the Chairlady to invite and coordinate special guests and speakers for Chama meetings and events.
  • Work with the Chairlady to plan an annual goal-setting retreat for members
  • Conduct a new-member-education program for all new members.

Provide supportive leadership

Establish a climate of enthusiasm, openness and concern. Follow up, congratulate and listen. Make it apparent that you are concerned and accessible. Seek input and explore alternatives before making important decisions.

Preside over meetings

  • With members’ input, create and abide by an agenda for your monthly meetings.
  • Arrange and conduct a Chama meeting monthly.
  • Make certain that each Chama meeting is well planned and organized, flows smoothly, ends on time and that each member has fun and fellowship.

Perform Chama administration

  • Work with the secretary in filing your Chama meeting
  • Make sure each member paid her contribution.
  • Confidentially contact members who have not paid contribution.
  • Keep a file of all correspondence.
  • Recruit and retain members
  • Make certain all members are active and involved. New membership is the lifeblood of the Chama and its level of service. Have an aggressive, yearlong membership campaign with weekly and monthly goals to be achieved.
  • Make certain new members understand Chama before induction and are actively involved immediately after induction.
  • Annually, set membership recruitment goals. Work toward an increase in membership over the previous year. If some Chama members have left the Chama.

Keep in mind that your role is mainly to support the Chairlady in her absence and also work hand in hand with her during Chama meetings. Thus you must be loyal, follow instructions and update her once she returns.

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