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Chamasoft Beta Announcement

A small update  on where we are with chamasoft at the moment.

We have a tentative day of launching a beta version of chamasoft on Monday 1st October 2012….We have since moved this date to 1st October 2013

We are tackling the following items at the moment:

  1. Registration of users and groups
  2. User invitations from group owners
  3. Upload of users from an existing list eg excel csv
  4. Finance Module- This module is quite extensive and  we have had to rewrite most of what we had done in June.. Some of the finance module functionalities include:
    1. Members contributions
    2. Penalties
    3. Investments
    4. Funds Management
      1. Incoming funds
      2. Outgoing funds

Of course this is just the beginning and we will keep on improving the application as we receive your feedback, especially for the group which will receive the beta test

Ps: To sign up for beta test, please register 

Below are a few images of what we are doing. Let us know what you think

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