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Never do this when recruiting Chama membersMany Chama founders have a difficult time recruiting members for their investment clubs. At times they get people in who leave a short while after. In desperation to fill up their Chamas, they do things hurriedly making mistakes in the process. Unfortunately, many Chama leaders repeat the same mistakes over and over again when it comes to recruiting. This ends up causing a lot of frustration in the process. If you want to break the cycle, here are things you should never do when recruiting new members.

Fail to explain the process

You should advise potential members of what is expected of them before they join the Chama. If you plan on having them attend at least three Chama meetings, be sure to let them all know. You should also provide them with an estimated date for completion of the evaluation process. If you fail to do so, the reputation of your Chama may suffer.

Fail to involve other Chama members in the process

It is very helpful to advise your existing members that you are attempting to recruit new members to join the Chama. You can even include some members in the process; they will feel a greater sense of ownership when a Chama leader involves them in some manner. Current members may also know suitable members which could save you a lot of time.


You should always be upfront and honest about what your Chama is about and what new members can hope to gain by joining. Many Chama leaders try to convince people to join their Chama by telling them rosy stories. They also convince people that they can make lots of money within a short time. This is simply not the case. Be truthful.

Exaggerate the Chama plans

Even though the potential money made from most investment clubs can be quite large, you should never exaggerate this potential. If your Chama does not have a plan of making the type of money you are claiming, then you should not tell your potential recruits about crazy amounts. This will only lead to frustration for both your new recruits and you.

Provide no training

When you sign up a recruit, you should always provide training on how the Chama works and how they can fit in. This way they have a solid foundation to build upon. There are many instances where Chama leaders recruit people and never speak to them again. The new recruit is completely left in the dark. She has no training or help on what the Chama is about. People that do not offer their recruits with the proper training and consistent assistance are only hurting their Chamas. These people are only thinking short-term. When you recruit team members, you should always think long-term.

As you grow your Chama and become more comfortable, you will develop your own personal style for recruiting your Chama members. Always keep in mind that your Chama members are depending on you.



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