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We protect your data from unauthorized access. We ensure our security measures are revisited regularly to ensure your data is secure. Chamasoft will only store relevant information and what is entered by your. This information will not be disclosed to any other party.This information will not be visible to any other party without the consent of the user.

Privacy control

Users have full control of what information is visible to others. They can change access levels to their accounts in by clicking the settings link on their profile. Public profiles will be visible to all the other users of chamasoft. Protected profiles can only be viewed by members of the users group. The users username is by default visible to all other members of chamasoft. This is to enable invitations to join user groups.

Password and Username

It is the responsible of the user to come up with a hard to guess password and store it securely. Users play an important part in ensuring their accounts are not accessed by unauthorized persons. They should not disclose login information or make it accessible to anyone else. Chamasoft staff do not have access to your password and username combination and can therefore not access your account or data unless on receiving an invitation to do so from You. You should at no point disclose your passwords to anyone. Keep it secretly.

Personal information

Chamasoft will under no circumstance access system usage history for a specific identifiable user, except when granted permission by that person to assist with resolving an issue or error with the system.

Data Transmission

Chamasoft ensures your data is sent securely across the internet and does not store the credit card details. Chamasoft does not store any information in your browser to use it to identify you.

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