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How to sell your vision to your Chama

How to sell your vision to your Chama

Have you cast a clear vision for your new Chama? Can your members recite the vision in one sentence? Do they know the specific role they will play to be successful?  One Chama leader made a mistake of putting out an extremely detailed and elaborate vision.  The Chama members read through it, they met, discussed it, and then celebrated with a great lunch. A vision was set, but it was too detailed; too elaborate. It took too much work to follow-up on each part.  In the end the Chama did not buy the vision.  So, how do you get your Chama to buy into the Vision? Here are ideas to help you.

Match personal visions to the Chama vision

A Chama will really pull together when all the members buy into the vision. Here are some questions to consider that will help you gain some clarity of the detail and steps you took to make the vision happen:

  • What kind of vision was it?
  • Where did the vision come from?
  • When Chama members like it then what happens?

Now the dilemma you may have is that you maybe operating from the viewpoint that you know every single member of your Chama. That is your first mistake. That assumption that you know someone else will result in disaster. The best thing is to spend time helping your Chama members recognize what their vision is for their life. Then together establish if there is a relationship between the Chama vision and their personal vision. It can happen that your Chama vision only has a relationship until a certain point and some people in your Chama leave and continue on their own journey to achieve their personal vision. To prevent this from happening, the members of your Chama must have personal visions that match with those of the Chama vision.

Keep it simple

You want a simple sentence that your whole Chama, can memorize in one day. Boil it down. The vision should be discussed at every meeting and it should be a reference point during the times when performance slips. It should also be your celebration song when expectations are exceeded.


Identify three measureable things that will help each Chama member achieve greatness each year. Discuss strategies, tactics, and resources to achieve greater success. You have to participate as well. Transparency and vulnerability are the building blocks of trust, and if you want trust from your members, you will have to lead in that area.

Follow up

Have everyone report on their progress at monthly Chama meetings. Use this time for team-building. This will have a huge impact on your Chama when a crisis arises, if you miss a month or if your Chama members do not buy in from the beginning.

Don’t give up

Provide incentives. Recognize success. Do not publicly criticize when a Chama member is not doing her part, but point to a time when you had the same experience. It is also very powerful when there is member-to-member empathy, counsel and encouragement. Seize the opportunity to create a bond between someone who can transfer knowledge of their strength to another who needs to overcome a weakness.

Don’t underestimate the ability of your members

Every one of them has significant ability, and your leadership can tap that potential. The human spirit longs to be trusted, to be counted-on. Set your vision. Trust your Chama members.

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