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You have set up your new Chama, it has a name, and you have members and are ready to roll. But, wait a minute, as the founder and leader of this Chama, what is expected of you? Great leaders tend to have certain characteristics in common, but they were not born into them. Developing the ability to be a successful leader involves the creation of effective habits. The more these habits are practiced, the more automatic they become, which eventually results in leading your Chama with confidence and ease. Remember that as a new Chama leader, your goal is to manifest an idea into reality. By following good practices for yourself and for your Chama members, you will collectively be able to reach that potential a bit more easily.

Simple habits that you captivate the very beginning can go a long way towards the overall success of your Chama. Here’s a few.

Share information

New Chama leaders who share good and bad news to their Chama members with honesty are the ones who earn the trust of those members. Aside from this honesty, the transparent sharing of information ensures that all Chama members know what they’re working toward. In a new Chama, this drive toward a common mission is especially important.

Do your best to make the Chama succeed

The best Chama founders are very passionate about what they’re building and the way in which their Chama will flourish. Because they want that so badly, they’ll do whatever it takes; to see the Chama succeed.

Be in a state of uncomfortable

When running a new Chama, life is constantly in a state of discomfort– one Chama member recruitment or departure can make or break a Chama, one key investment can set the Chama up for success, one flaw in investment decisions be the final nail in a coffin. Recognizing this and pressing forward anyway takes a tremendous amount of tenacity. Externally, people may think your Chama may never work out, so be ready to ignore the critics and forge on.

Give feedback

This is very important for any leader, but especially for new Chama leaders, when, they have nothing to back them up aside from their reputation. Being honest, direct, and up front is key to relationships with Chama members. By doing this, you’ll gain respect.

Define your mission

Good Chama leaders have a purpose as why they formed the Chama. Once a leader’s true mission is defined, they will be able to communicate it confidently, clearly, and effectively, to all members in the Chama. When Chama members know that their participation contributes to a big-picture goal, and can see how their role fits into the master plan, they will be more passionate about the Chama and will work harder in order to make that concept a reality.

Know your Chama members

The members you have recruited into your Chama; may not be known to you personally. Perhaps a friend of your recommended them or even some other member in the Chama brought a friend. Don’t let these members sit in your Chama as practical strangers. Take time to know them. A new Chama with members that never have a chance to get to know the Chama leader and their vision suffer from a disconnect that causes low morale, as they feel undervalued. This general malaise is contagious, and as members spread it to other members and your Chama is bound to suffer.



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