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What is Chamasoft?

Chamasoft is a  simple to use web based application  that allows investment groups and chamas to manage all their  group activities. It is being developed by Digital Vision East Africa



It will enable chamas, small micro-finance groups, to manage their activities online.

To access and use chamasoft, members will have to be registered.

Chamasoft Feature List- For now 🙂

The chamasoft web application will have the  following features:

  1. Group Registration– Each group will have its own group ID
  2. Investment group members invitation and registration : Group (chama) administrators will be able to invite their fellow chama members to join chamasoft for free.
  3. Activity management
    1. Group calendar
    2. Meeting scheduler
  4. Alerts Management
    1. Members can subscribe to receive alerts on events and group actitivies
    2. Group owner can set automated alerts to be received by members
  5. Sub groups management: Chamasoft has capabilites to enable group owner to create own
  6. Finances Management: Group finances can be managed and tracked using chamasoft. Group administrators are able to outline the various contributions of the group, amount to be contributed and  the deadline of contribution.A contribution report is made available for each chama member and one for the whole chama. The report outlines the status of each member to a contribution and by how much they have fell short of the contribution amount.Other finance features include:
    1. Membership contribution management
    2. Expense Management
    3. Income Management
    4. Investment management

More features of the application will be added as we continue with our development

 To test drive the beta version, make sure you sign up here to be the first to know when we launch the beta version

We are working hard and fast to ensure that we can launch version 1 with the above feature list by 15th August 2012. We appreciate your feedback with regard to feature requests, suggestions and anything else which will help us to make chamasoft a pleasant tool to use.

Thank you for visiting our blog.

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