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Chamasoft is a Kenyan award-winning company that automates all the financial records
of your Chama or investment group. Financial bookkeeping doesn’t get easier than this!
Not only do you evade the bulk and workload that comes from working doing your
accounts manually, but you also get 100% accuracy. Here are some other benefits you will gain from joining Chamasoft.

Chamasoft, a company that helps your Chama go digital


Here at Chamasoft, we take pride in ensuring we give you the best services possible!
Our platform ensures that we offer 100% accuracy. You no longer have to deal with lots of
Excel sheets like when you do the account keeping yourself. It gets better, if you sign up today,
we will offer you 60 day free trial. Simply join by following the link below! httpss://app.chamasoft.com/signup

It Helps you save time and concentrate on your Chama.

How many times do you end up spending all of your time trying to keep all your financial records instead of finishing pressing tasks? Have you ever had a hard time trying to backdate your Chama’s financial records or trying to keep track of your internal Chama loans? Then worry no more! If you join Chamasoft today, we will help take care of all your finances. Chamasoft ensures all your data is backdated, therefore you can easily access past financial records. 

Additionally, with bookkeeping out of the way, your Chama will have all the time you need to focus on it. You can now prioritize other agendas without worrying about your finances or the accounting aspect of your Chama. You will also have the app to easily use for reference in all your Chama meetings.


We all know that transparency is one of the most important aspects when it comes to investment groups. It helps you sleep a little better at night knowing that your money is in good hands and you can easily monitor how it is used. Chamasoft ensures that all members of your group can access Chama’s data through the group’s account information found on the app. We also give all Chamasoft members a summary report for their group transactions. Last but not least, Chamasoft ensures that only the treasurer of the group can manipulate the group’s account information and transactions.

Reduced data entry records.

Still using excel sheets for financial keeping? How many records or files do you store in a year and how does your Chama account for human error? To reduce the plenty of records generated from manual record keeping we advise using Chamasoft. This is because it keeps errors to a minimum and allows all your investment groups’ financial records are organized properly. Moreover, they can easily be generated for review.


Needless to say, manual bookkeeping is very expensive, Chamasoft on the other hand is very cost-effective which is one of its benefits. It eliminates the cost of constantly hiring a professional bookkeeper to record all your group’s financial transactions. It is also very helpful in saving the cost of purchasing bulky and expensive paperwork. 


Chamasoft makes work easy and efficient for you and improves your group operations. Firstly, through Chamasoft’s reporting engine, we can automatically generate reports of every transaction. You can easily compare all your group deposits against your group’s withdrawals because Chamasoft reconciles all the transactions made before report generation. Secondly, Through Chamasoft your bookkeeping is paperwork free and you have no need for Excel thus reducing bulk. Chamasoft is also very convenient for both small and large Chamas irrespective of all your business transactions. Lastly, Chamasoft increases efficiency because you can easily access it at any time, day or night.

Offers an Online Group Discussion Platform

We all know that the coronavirus disease has affected plenty of businesses in a hard way. All the rules that regulate meetings and social distancing may easily affect the ability of Chama to meet regularly. Therefore we advise using Chamasoft’s groups’ feature, which provides a platform for your Chama to hold group discussions making it convenient to continue with your group’s meetings and agendas online while keeping track of your finances. Easily Accessible Customer Support.

Chamasoft offers all your group members an easily accessible support team. In case you and your Chama encounter any challenges when using the Chamasoft App then you can reach our support team which can be easily reached through our different platforms, or call the customer support line. We are with you every step of the way!

Data security

Another benefit of using the application is that Chamasoft ensures all our customers’ data is secure. All the information provided to us is safely kept in our servers. Additionally, only authorized persons are allowed to view your information, as we prioritize safety. Therefore, you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

To join us and learn more click on the link below


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