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tumblr_ltkhdy8MDG1qcaeato1_400If you want to be rich, borrow or buy the best-selling book ‘Think & Grow Rich‘, by Napoleon Hill. In this book the author has outlined simple ways to getting rich. And one of them is the power of a group. The author found through intensive research that the five hundred richest men in the world all had one thing in common, they all belonged to a strong support group of like-minded individuals where they received the knowledge, advice, resources, contacts and emotional support to succeed in their creation of massive wealth.

Yes. It has been proven time and again that behind every rich person unless they won the lottery belongs to a successful team. This team is either made up of a group of friends, colleagues or business partners. Why must you always have a strong support group in order to reach your financial goals? This is because it takes a great deal of knowledge, talent, resources, contacts and ideas to make a million bob, and it is difficult for a single person working alone to do it all within a short period of time. That’s where the Chama comes into play. If you join or form the right kind of chama with a goal to get rich; you will get there. A chama allows you to leverage on the collective experience of others, and leverage is the key to wealth. Remember, people are your greatest resource to wealth. Here are ways that the Chama can help you get rich.

In a chama, there is a huge creative wealth ideas pool. When you generate wealth creation ideas alone, there is a limited amount of knowledge, experience and inspiration you can tap on. When a team of people in your chama generate ideas, the creative and knowledge power increases in a big way. This is known as the power of synergy. According to Napolean Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich’ five people working together will create the creative power of fifty minds. All the best ideas in the world were the result of combining great ideas from more than one person. Here are 3 ways you can get rich in your chama.

1. Treasury Bonds

Bonds are issued by Central Bank which means if you buy these bonds you are lending money to the government. The government can use the money they raise to build factories, schools, hospitals, police stations, expand into new markets, launch advertising campaigns, or whatever other purposes. If all goes well, the bond owner receives interest income checks in the mail until the bond matures, at which point the entire principal is repaid and the bond ceases to exist.

Whilst in the past you needed a lot of money to invest in treasury bonds, today you can buy them with just 50,000 shillings. Remember, the more you invest in these bonds, the more money you make. Thus it makes sense to pool money together in the Chama and invest in these. The returns are handsome. To invest in treasury bonds, you can go to Central Bank and enquire how to go about it.


The next way to get rich from your investments is through shares. When you buy a part of a business, such as a shares. The more equity (ownership) you have and / or the more profit a company makes, the higher you earn. For example, today the shares of Barclays Bank traded at Kshs.17.30. If you own 100 shares, and you sell your shares today, that means you would get a cheque for Kshs.1730/- If you own 10,000 shares, you are going to get a cheque for Kshs.173,000. If you own 1,000,000 shares, you are going to get a cheque for Kshs.17,300,000. If you sold your shares today, that’s how much you would make. You see that’s why the power of a chama comes in. As a single person, you may not be able to purchase a lot of shares but in a group you can acquire a lot of shares thus gain handsome profits and more money as well.

3. Real estate

The third way to get rich from your investment portfolio is to own something of value, such as a piece of real estate, flats or land and rent it to someone who needs it in exchange for a regular cash payment. Putting up flats takes a lot financial outlay which you may not be able to raise alone. With the chama you can pull together and put up flats for rental and make a killing in the process.

These are just some of the ways; a chama can propel you to wealth.




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