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Early in September 2018, we responded to an advert from Communications Authority of Kenya. It was a call for entries for the Showcase of Kenyan Homegrown ICT Innovations. It was local competition based on merit where the shortlisted company(s) would be sponsored to attend the ITU Telecom World 2018 Awards in Durban South Africa. httpss:// The ITU Telecom World is a non-profit neutral platform to accelerate ICT innovation for social and economic development through exhibiting solutions, sharing knowledge and networking. As the leading exhibition and forum for the global ICT industry, it brings together public and private representatives to showcase innovative solutions, collaborate and engage in high-level dialogue on the major challenges facing the sector. The event world take place between 10th to 13th September. Two weeks after submitting the entry, we were informed that Chamasoft had been chosen among other four companies to represent Kenya at the ITU awards in Durban. The other four companies were; iLab Africa Research Centre, Sunrise Tracking Limited, Zinake Limited and Netpap. We were delighted by the news and we began to fine tune our presentations. On the 8th we set for Durban, clad in our National regalia ready to represent the Nation and our respective institutions.
At the event, each country had a designated pavilion. These pavilions were labelled with the nations colors. At the Kenya pavilion each innovation had its own stand. At the center of the Kenyan pavilion there was a lounge where the innovation representatives could engage the audience and any interested party. There were also screens mounted on each side of the pavilion’s walls where the presentations were projected.
The event attracted over three thousand participants from ninety four countries. There were also over two hundred ICT leaders representing both the public and private sectors. In attendance, there were over a hundred ICT expert speakers who were involved in the adjudication process. The awards were classified under different categories which include; Recognition of Excellence Certificate: This was awarded to the best innovative exhibitor within each National Pavilion at the ITU Telecom World Host Country SME Award: This was awarded to the best and most innovative SME or solution from ITU World’s Host Country. Government Award: This was awarded to the National Pavilion at the ITU Telecom World with three or more of the most promising innovative SMEs present at the event who have applied for the Global SME Award. Global Corporate Award: This award was meant for the most promising innovative solution within large companies in two categories;
  1. Sustainable development
  2. Smart emerging technologies
Global SME Awards : This was awarded to the most promising solutions from SMEs making innovative use of ICT for social impact in the categories:
  1. Global SME Excellence Award
  2. Best Business model
  3. Most innovative use of ICT
  4. Greatest social impact
  5. Most scalable solution
In the Kenyan pavilion, Chamasoft was recognized and awarded the recognition of excellence certificate.
In addition, after a rigorous selection process, Chamasoft was recognized as a finalist under the Best Business Model under the Global SME Award category.
We are honored to have represented Kenya at the Global event and we are humbled by the recognition. On to the next!

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