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It is rightly said that ‘unity is strength’, and in the case of investment groups, oneness, and unity are vital ingredients to a successful investment journey. When group members are united, it becomes much easier for agreements to be struck and group resolutions to be passed; activities are executed more efficiently and group goals are more likely to be reached.

This however does not happen by default, as group members have to put in a deliberate effort to enhance the good relationships among themselves.

Team building is the process of promoting interpersonal relations between people in a social setup. It involves getting people to perform various activities together in a bid to enable them to interact more closely, share common interests and ideas ultimately bond with each other.

Benefits of team building

Group Motivation.

Team building activities can serve to boost the morale of members of a group.

As part of team-building activities, organizers can factor in inspirational talks to be presented to the members.

Furthermore, team-building activities make members feel valued and appreciated –which can serve as an important motivating factor.

Skill building

Apart from fostering social bonds, the kind of activities participated in during team building can help to impart important skills to the members, such as problem-solving skills and communication skills.

Fostering Unity.

Team building activities help participants to bond by giving them the opportunity to get to know each other better and to build deeper and more meaningful relationships. Members get to interact more closely, which fosters understanding among them.

Activities that a group can adopt as part of team building

Team building activities can either be indoor or outdoor.

Members’ retreats.

A group can decide to sponsor its members to go for a retreat to a location of choice.

See some places to go for retreats in Kenya.

Team games.

There are a number of games that members can participate in as part of team building, depending on age, gender and personal preferences.

Interesting team-building games


An across-the-country walk meant for leisure. It can be an excellent way to get members to have time together. The difficulty of the hike will vary depending on the age and ability of the members.

Great places for hiking in Kenya


Conferences have the advantage of being educative and skill-impacting apart from fostering interpersonal relationships among members.

Conferences can be internal-organized by the group for its members or external-where members attend conferences organized independently.

Road Trips.

These are long-distance journeys meant for enjoyment.

They can be very enjoyable and members get to see new places.


The group may decide to celebrate various events as part of team building. Events like members’ birthday party, end year parties can be a great opportunity for team building.

There are also popular festivals that a group can take part in, like the famous nyama choma festival.

Festivals to attend in Kenya

Hindrances to effective team building

Lack of inclusivity.

Members should be involved in the planning of team building activities. This way a member will not feel compelled to participate in an activity in which he/she has no interest in.

The organizers should solicit the members’ suggestions about venues and activities to be carried out.

Poor relations.

Although the goal of team building is to foster good relations, the lack of can be a hindrance in the first place. Members who are unwilling to come together will be difficult to mobilize for team-building activities.

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