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Are Real Estate Investment Clubs worth joining? Most people often dream of having some extra disposable income. More so, they desire to have an additional source of revenue. The extra cash will ensure they are financially healthy and able to cater to their basic and luxurious needs. For one to become one of the best investors and reap huge benefits and profits, one must utilize every advantage at their disposal. In this modern era, there are many ways to increase one’s revenue. One of the best ways to get your investment off the ground is by becoming part of a local real estate investment group. If you have never been part of an investment club, they are filled with educational and networking opportunities. Basically, these investment clubs involve a group of people who pool their resources together. They then use the money in savings, merry-go-rounds, and investing.

Similar to any other form of business, these clubs have a hierarchy of order, which includes Chairpersons, secretaries, and treasurers. You can get more information about investment clubs such as Chamas, and SACCOs by clicking here. The Clubs often have monthly meetings and that may not be ideal. This is because most people do not intend to spend their Friday evenings at meetings. However, they have the ability to swiftly accelerate one’s business growth. If you still feel ambivalent as to whether or not these investment groups are worth joining, here are a few reasons for a real estate investment group.


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Knowledge is power. Therefore to grow in a real estate business venture it is imperative to take part in an educational tour concerning the industry. Typically, in most real estate investment clubs, there are constant meetings. In such meetings, different guest educational speakers are occasionally accepted invites to give members education about the industry. They could discuss anything from the benefits of joining the real estate industry to the best regions to invest in and the best loan products the group can use. Whoever the speaker is, they always have essential information that the group members can use uniformly or individually to start or expand their businesses.

Some of the speakers will discuss topics that you may never previously have thought about but will change your business. Like any other business, the more you know educated you or the group on the real estate topic and business, the more successfull the business venture will be. This education will allow you to hold a conversation with other investors and people you meet in the business. Having good knowledge of one’s craft is never a bad thing, on the contrary, it is an asset. Regardless of where one’s position in their business, one should be able to find time to learn something new every month. A real estate investment group offers you the perfect place to do that.

First-Hand Experience

There is a big difference between having education about a certain industry and actually having the ability to apply the knowledge. There are numerous perks of joining an investment group and attending their meetings. One is that it gives one an opportunity to interact with people who are really closing deals in your region.

Normally, there will always be a few people who will tell you how great they are doing. More importantly, there will be people who will tell you scary tales concerning their investment experience. Despite some of the investors may give false testimonies, the two types of testimonials are often very valuable. This is because through listening to stories from fellow investors, you actually get knowledge from their first-hand experience. This helps in applying the do’s and don’t when investing in real estate.

In such meetings, factors that you may have never considered like local rental laws. They also include extra necessities that should be an additional part of your budget. Such issues are on the table in meetings and you grow one step closer towards becoming a successful real estate business person. One does not have to do most of the talking, instead, they can just listen to other people’s experiences. They can then pick up a few valuable pieces of information.

Not only can this information help one’s current business to be more efficient and successful, but it can save you time and money. There is something to be said in learning through experience. If one can avoid this by listening to others, they become better off than most people. One should surround themself with investors who are currently in the real estate business. By listening to what their issues and concerns are you will definitely see the worth the price of admission.


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One of the other primary reasons to join an investment club is networking opportunities. Most clubs meet once a month or week. During this time, they allow members to gather for an hour or so before the formal meeting begins. This is the best time to network with local investors, attorneys, mortgage brokers, and contractors in your area. For the real estate investment groups, just like any other group, these meetings are most likely valuable contacts that you can utilize in your everyday business. This is irrespective of the region, county, or basically the location of the meetings. You can connect with just one or two new contacts a week, the meeting will be well worth it. Real estate is largely everywhere. It will be much easier to venture into it with the help of a few personal contacts.

Networking at these meetings will grow your contact base, which will indirectly help you find deals. One never really knows when a new contact will completely change their business. Therefore, by attending these meetings, you give yourself a decided advantage over other investors in the business. The more experts that see you in such meetings the more they know that you are a serious investor. They also become aware that you dedicate yourself to the business. Investment club meetings offer a great way to increase your networking base virtually overnight.

Business Opportunities in real estate club meetings

Attending an investment group has a lot of perks and benefits. It creates a huge advantage for all business people who take part in such meetings. These types of meetings also have a direct payoff. Although sometimes it happens in the first meeting, it may sometimes take time before it pays off. Consequently, in time, attending these meetings may open up grand business opportunities.

One should forge relationships with attorneys, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and fellow investors. You never know when they will have a deal that is a good fit for you. As discussed earlier the meetings lead to networking. So, you may never know what opportunity lies beyond the person you are currently networking with. Similar to any other business, investors and business persons want to work with people they know and trust.

If a real estate agent sees you at enough meetings, they eventually may have a deal in your price range. You may not be their first choice, but by seeing and talking to you, they make a connection. This works with most of the contacts you talk to at these meetings. There are deals one can have out there. Therefore, if you put yourself around enough people eventually they will come your way. Investment clubs do not guarantee deals, but they greatly increase your chances.

Finally, is joining a real estate investment club therefore a good idea?

This may be the best fit for you if you are looking for a business venture. It is also helpful to people hoping to learn more about the industry. It creates a great opportunity for most people who are new to the industry. Additionally, investment groups help many investors earn extra revenue. In such investment groups, you should be able to pull one or two things from every meeting. These ideas will make it worthwhile. These could range from something practical to something educational.

Either way, if it helps your business. It is probably worth the sacrifice of the time you will have to put into it. If you are like most investors, your day involves making deals, networking, projects, and family obligations. This could make skipping a meeting or not joining very easy. It is wise to save some time and always take part in meetings. This is because they bring you one step closer to your success.

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