October 25, 2013   by

How safe are your Chama investments? You are generally exposed to three kinds of risk with your investments, no matter whether they are risky or safe. The first is a possibility to lose money. The second is loss of purchasing power,... View Article

October 23, 2013   by

Chamas today and getting more sophisticated when it comes to investment and one vehicle of investment that is bound to give you regular income is Dividends. These are payments that are made from a company to the shareholders of the... View Article

October 22, 2013   by

The purpose of joining or forming a Chama is to make money through the pooling of monies from all members then investing it for monetary gain. Since we are in the business of investment, it is important to keep in... View Article

October 18, 2013   by

By Mary Anne Zita The other members of the Wise Ladies Chama were growing increasingly angry at Nancy, the treasurer. She had been missing a lot of meetings and several of the Chama’s contribution banking had been made late. Josephine,... View Article

October 02, 2013   by

When we join a chama for investment purposes, many of us are looking at investing for future purposes. Investing doesn’t have to be all about retirement and the remote future. Those things are important, and you should keep an eye... View Article

October 01, 2013   by

If you decide as a Chama to invest in the stock market; remember that the main aim of buying shares is to sell for a profit. While you are holding on to your shares, you can enjoy the dividend paid... View Article

September 26, 2013   by

Chamas are formed as an avenue to pool money and invest or as a social vehicle. So, we save religiously every month and when the time is right, we invest in something lucrative, set to give handsome returns. Then we... View Article

September 23, 2013   by

As investors in the chama, sometimes we make mistakes and do a bad investment. It is common to hear friends share stories of investments gone bad. More often than not, they started well did their research, checked the technical’s, considered... View Article

September 21, 2013   by

A couple of years ago, a new sensation hit Kenya. Investment companies were mushrooming all over. They claimed to offer investors ridiculously high interest for their money. Some would even double the money in just one month! There were no... View Article

September 19, 2013   by

You might have started your chama a year ago or you might have spent several months saving and now you are ready to invest. Research suggests that the right time to start investing as a chama is after your group... View Article

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