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Financial Inclusion by SACCOs has proved to be successful as a result of their vital role in providing financial services to low-income earners and marginalized groups. Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOS) are member-owned financial institutions that offer savings and credit... View Article

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The Akili Kali challenge initiative was organized by Cooperative Bank, IFC/World Bank, and Think Place Kenya. The competition attracted over 500 applicants with the organizers settling for the top five companies to compete and enter the Think Place challenge With... View Article

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The conservative chamas mainly operated on the merry-go-round principle, i.e., members made fixed contributions at specific intervals and then these contributions were given back to the members according to an agreed-upon rotating schedule. Well, this principle did help, but it... View Article

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Understanding How ROSCAS Work Ever heard of ROSCAS? ROSCA is an acronym for Rotating Savings and Credit Associations. ROSCAs are amongst the oldest and most traditional savings institutions in the world and play a vital role in society. ROSCAs’ vary... View Article

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Supposing your Chama has ten people and you save Kshs.3,000 each. Did you know that with the Kshs.30,000 you collect you can start a viable venture that will rake in cash beyond your wildest dreams. Perhaps your Chama has a... View Article

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Besides buying stocks, one of the most popular investments with Chamas is property.  Whilst this is a relatively straight forward sort of investment unlike stocks; you still need some know-how on how to invest the smart way.  Here are some... View Article

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There are a lot of Chamas that start small and eventually grow to become a powerhouse investment club rich with assets and capital for investing. One of the secrets of their great success is working with an investment bank.   One... View Article

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There are several ways to make money out of real estate, but if you want to make sizeable investment in property then one of the ways you can do it is by buying and renovating houses that you can rent... View Article

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One day A Chama leader was chairing a meeting and noticed Lisa, an otherwise talkative lady sitting in the meeting looking sad and upset. She could barely say a word. “What’s the matter, Lisa?” the Chama leader asked. The truth... View Article

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Many Chamas have dreams of owning property for rental. There is a strong interest in people looking to enter the property market but typically lending institutions require a deposit of about 20 percent of the total value of the home.... View Article

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