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The financial security of chamas has been a major concern. Managing a Chama can be quite challenging especially when it comes to ensuring the security of members’ funds. Fortunately, fintech firms aid chamas and SACCOs with suitable solutions, enhancing their... View Article

November 20, 2020   by

The Akili Kali challenge initiative was organized by Cooperative Bank, IFC/World Bank, and Think Place Kenya. The competition attracted over 500 applicants with the organizers settling for the top five companies to compete and enter the Think Place challenge With... View Article

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Fundamentally, groups have three ways to make money when purchasing investment property. The first is to lease the property for an indefinite period at rents that exceed the cost of holding the asset.  Purchase the property with the intent of... View Article

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In today’s investment ventures, ensured the low return is adequate, and that clarifies why most financial specialists will decide on speculation at the equity market sector to some other alternative. In the larger world of fund administration, sufficiently huge is... View Article

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“There’s still money in real estate”…. a statement made by many It sounds interesting, but all the same, you’re a bit confused by the ins and outs of the market. You might be familiar with the stock investment club model,... View Article

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Proper management of assets and investments are an important factor when it comes to the growth of wealth. While they may sound different asset management and investment management are quite similar to one another with a few subtle differences. What... View Article

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Here’s How a Chama Can Invest while Waiting for Member Consensus Each member of a Chama would like to see a change as they go out to invest their money.  Some groups hold back their money out of fear they... View Article

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  Some Chama’s opt to move as investment options whereby after a long stretch of time the funds are re-invested for the individuals’ advantages. However, a major portion of existing groups do not invest. The few opt to make investment... View Article

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Supposing your Chama has ten people and you save Kshs.3,000 each. Did you know that with the Kshs.30,000 you collect you can start a viable venture that will rake in cash beyond your wildest dreams. Perhaps your Chama has a... View Article

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Besides buying stocks, one of the most popular investments with Chamas is property.  Whilst this is a relatively straight forward sort of investment unlike stocks; you still need some know-how on how to invest the smart way.  Here are some... View Article

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