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why_joinRecently, more people have begun to embrace the approach of joining Chamas and Saccos in order to invest. With that in place a lot of Chamas and Saccos have emerged all with different goals and missions. The option of joining either solely depends on an individual’s interest. However, most potential members rely on the benefits as well as the requirements offered. It is thus the responsibility of Chamas and Saccos to relay what’s on offer to its potential members.

Having said that, let’s have a look at how Chamas/Saccos can grow their membership.

Make it easier for potential members to get involved

Chamas/Saccos should put out a clear invite and information to the community. All details pertaining either should be reachable to the public. With this in place it will be much easier for potential members to know and be able to analyze what’s on offer. This can be done using distribution of flyers and posters.

Cost of Membership

At times the cost of membership becomes a barrier to individuals looking forward to join. Therefore, it is important that the Chamas/Saccos offer a package that will guarantee the members a feel of gaining value for their money. This cost is either the joining fee or the monthly contribution.

Flexibility as well as enjoyment which aims to drive participation

Having activities will provide opportunities for potential members to engage and look into the value of joining the Chama/Sacco. A Chama can advertise an activity/event and engage the members of the community to come and participate. With activities used to bring about the Chama team building any potential members who takes part in the activities will get to network and learn more about the Chama thus generating interest.

Recognize the constraints surrounding different age groupsmembershipMain

Chamas and Saccos should recognize and acknowledge that there are different age groups. Each age group has a certain capacity level in which they can achieve based on their interests. It is important that Chamas/Saccos ensure that based on their goals and mission they can relate to their target potential members. This means that each age group should at least be given realistic requirements upon joining the Chama/Sacco.

Joining a Chama/Sacco in this day and age is quite significant solely because of investing .Based on the reviews of individual wishing to join Chamas/Saccos, these are therefore some of the factors that should be considered in growing their membership.

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