March 21, 2023   by

Transforming digital lending is aimed at maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Digital lending provides customers with easier and more convenient access to loans. As a result, the market has become increasingly competitive, and organizations must be proactive and customer-focused to... View Article

March 15, 2023   by

Digitizing your chama is majorly focused on ensuring that chamas move from manual systems such as pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets. For years, chamas (also known as savings groups) have been a popular way for people to pool their... View Article

March 13, 2023   by

Financial Inclusion by SACCOs has proved to be successful as a result of their vital role in providing financial services to low-income earners and marginalized groups. Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOS) are member-owned financial institutions that offer savings and credit... View Article

June 06, 2018   by

“No one is coming to the rescue Chief!”( Ok, I added the word “Chief”.) I heard  Brian Tracy say this on the podcast. I almost laughed. I had waited and waited for someone to come and mentor me, someone to... View Article

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