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Chama membership is a direct reflection of whether a chama is growing positively or it is losing its members. A great chama will have an increase in new chama members registering with the chama. However, some chamas may have a large number of members which will not reflect in its investments. Thus, chama administrators must take it upon themselves to look for strategies that increase chama membership. Read along to understand and use some ideas to grow chama membership that ultimately leads to chama growth.

How Can You Grow Your Chama Membership?

increasing chama membership

One of the main challenges chama leaders face is growing and maintaining a chama. A successful chama increases the number of its members which directly affects the amount of contributions in the chama. The more the contributions, the more the investments the chama can make to generate more profit. Thus, the chama leaders must implement strategies that will positively affect the growth of the chama members. Additionally, chama leaders must ensure that they retain their current members through proper chama management.

Some of the ideas that chama leaders and administrators can use include the following:

1. Proper Leadership to Boost Chama Membership.

proper leadership skills in a chama

Proper leadership skills is a key attribute that chama leaders must have for positive chama growth. Chama leaders must take up their role seriously to fulfil the chama’s goals and mission. Thus, chama leaders must ensure that chama members have a sense of belonging and they can share their views freely. Creating a conducive and non-toxic environment for all chama members will increase the chama’s popularity. Therefore, more people would prefer joining the chama since all members receive fair treatment.

Chama leaders must look for the best ways to resolve conflict that may arise from chama members. Thus, chama members will remain peaceful and show cohesion with newer members or those wishing to join the chama. Harsh, ignorant, and unresponsive chama administrators will shun away new members from joining the shama. Therefore, the chama leaders must remain open to receiving constructive criticism and comments from all members. The chama leaders will then establish the best way forward to lead chama members and grow in number.

2. Improve Accountability and Transparency within the Chama.

Most people wishing to join a new chama will evaluate how well the chama is transparent to its members. For example, an individual may try to know how the chama runs, how much the members contribute, and fine payments. Thus, the person will decide how well the chama suits them and how it works to achieve the individual’s goals. Additionally, transparency and proper communication with chama members promote unity, trust, and cohesion.

Chama administrators must provide all its members with the necessary information. For example, chama administrators should discuss investment opportunities with the members before making a financial decision. That way, chama members will understand how their contributions benefit the chama and themselves. Being open and transparent will improve the chama’s outlook since all members will remain accountable to the chama. New members or those seeking membership will feel more comfortable contributing to the chama.

3. Offer Financial Education to Boost Chama Membership.

financial education in a chama

One of the best ways a chama can seek to increase chama membership is to offer financial education. Many people, especially young people in the chamas, lack basic financial skills that may harm their finances. Chamas that take the time to learn its members and offer the right financial education will boost chama membership. Chama leaders can achieve this by organizing workshops, inviting guest speakers, and providing training sessions.

Additionally, chama administrators may seek advice from other professionals in the financial field. Therefore, the chama will motivate its members to participate in more activities through financial empowerment. When chama members participate in such activities, they gain more financial knowledge and feel part of the chama. Thus, new members will desire to receive such important information and ultimately join the chama.

4. Map Out Clear Roles and Responsibilities for Chama Members.

chama members with different roles

A thriving chama usually follows its goals and vision which direct the path all chama members must take. Therefore, chama administrators must dictate which roles the chama members should play. There are different responsibilities that chama members must take part in to promote chama growth. For example, chama administrators make financial decisions during financial planning while the treasurer does the chama’s bookkeeping. Other chama members can organize themselves to recruit more chama members while others engage in different financial activities.

When each chama member understands their responsibilities and roles in the chama, the chama operations run smoothly. Chama members will achieve the set goals at the correct timeline when achieving their targets. Additionally, chama administrators should rotate chama activities to ensure all members have new experiences. Therefore, chama members, both new and old, will have better financial experiences and expertise in different areas. Chama members will not experience monotony since they will have better personal and financial development within the chama. Thus, the chama will grow financially and chama membership will gradually increase.

Additionally, chama administrators should seek legal advice and help, especially when making huge investments. That way, chama administrators will make financial decisions that are in line with the chama regulations. Asking for expert advice will help increase transparency in the chama since every chama member will understand the chama investments.

5. Adapt and Become Flexible to Increase Chama Membership.

One of the most perfect ways of increasing chama membership is by adapting and introducing better methods of operation. A chama will only thrive when the chama members have fresh ideas and invent new ways to overcome challenges. Additionally, chama administrators can look for new ways to implement better ways to run the chama. The best way to achieve the best results is by digitizing the chama.

Chama administrators must learn to adapt to new technologies which mainly target the younger generation. More young people use social media and other digital platforms to work, invest, and access financial help. Thus, the chama must focus on growing chama membership by including technologies that young people use often. That way, the chama will seem more lucrative and interesting to the youth, boosting chama membership.

The digital revolution has brought about positive change when working with investment groups. Using chama management software allows the chama administrators to oversee and monitor chama operations easily. Chama leaders and members can see chama payments and investments on one platform. Additionally, registering and monitoring chama membership is fast and efficient when using chama management software.

Another advantage of using such software is that the encryption tools make the chama’s data more secure. Therefore, only users with the correct authorization will access and see the chama’s data. Using chama management software increases members’ trust in the chama. More people would prefer joining a chama that protects their data and offers access to chama information, boosting chama membership.


Chama growth directly relates to chama membership. A growing chama will show an increase in its members as it registers new members and retains old ones. Therefore, a chama must change and adapt by using different strategies to increase chama membership. The main aim of most chamas is to provide better financial solutions to their members. Thus, the chama must have attractive features to ensure more members invest in the chama. A chama must show adaptability and flexibility, especially when using new chama management software. That way, chama administrators can efficiently and effectively monitor chama membership and operations.

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