Chamasoft Startup Journey-A brief history of Chamasoft from 2013- April 2017
April 11, 2017   by Chamasoft
February 24, 2021   by

Are Real Estate Investment Clubs worth joining? Most people often dream of having some extra disposable income. More so, they desire to have an additional source of revenue. The extra cash will ensure they are financially healthy and able to... View Article

February 22, 2021   by

Monitoring the income and expenditure statements is very crucial to any Investment group. Additionally, in any business, it is critical to understand the relationship between expenditure and income be it an investment, Chama, or a Sacco. This relationship between income... View Article

February 17, 2021   by

The idea of a Chama has been around for several decades as investment groups are simple-structured and easy to operate. They involve the alliance of several people who gather or pool their money together to invest. Although the primary motivation... View Article

February 16, 2021   by

In every organization or Chama, there is always a secretary who has critical responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the organization. This applies to most Chamas as well. In such a capacity, it is essential that one knows the... View Article

February 12, 2021   by

Acquisition of funds helps one build a startup. However, raising these funds has become an immense challenge. It affects most people especially if one does not know where to begin. Research from business experts shows that most business startups launched... View Article

February 10, 2021   by

Today, technology is the primary key to trading and investing and the finance industry when trying to make profit. It enables new prices, modes, and products to be delivered to the market. It also leads to innovation, which is the... View Article

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