Chamasoft Startup Journey-A brief history of Chamasoft from 2013- April 2017
April 11, 2017   by Chamasoft
March 22, 2021   by

A Constitution is important for every Chama investment group or investment club. Investment clubs are some of the major economic and financial drivers in today’s society. As people gather around to help each other, they also end up growing financially.... View Article

March 19, 2021   by

Is a constitution important in a Chama? To create a successful Chama, it is important for its members to have a constitution. These are the guidelines of how the Chama will be governed. A constitution is also critical as it... View Article

March 08, 2021   by

A Chama is an informal Investment club where individuals contribute a concurred amount of cash with the point of assisting each other with developing and conceivably accomplished monetary and financial independence. Most Chamas at the beginning start as merry-go-rounds where... View Article

March 03, 2021   by

Return on Investment is commonly used by all types of businesses. In fact, the most important and crucial indicator of the health of a business is ROI. An organization can use it to gauge the returns that you get from... View Article

March 01, 2021   by

How important is automation? In the current world’s highly competitive environment, a smoothed out, and standardized framework is necessary to the way applications; business cycles, and administrations are conveyed. In any case, numerous organizations have similarly understood that this essential... View Article

February 26, 2021   by

There is a progound wisdom found investment. They are an attractive way of earning extra income. One way of investing is venturing in the stock market. However, regularly, something changes the world, and the financial exchange market, including the stock... View Article

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