November 30, 2013   by

In every Chama, money is always involved. Money which belongs to the Chama as a whole not to the members concerned. The person who looks after the financial affairs of the Chama, the Treasurer, wants to do what is in... View Article

November 02, 2013   by

You have formed your Chama and the first meeting has been very successful. So, what next. The ideal thing to do after your first meeting has been a success you’ll want to make sure that certain things have been completed... View Article

September 11, 2013   by

Most chamas that aren’t successful fail within their first year or so of operation. Typically, according to Christine Mugaka of Bank of Africa, the reasons for failure comes down to the same problems, time and time again. Chamas, like many... View Article

September 07, 2013   by

One of the pillars of becoming financially independent lies with investment. Whilst some of us are good at making investments, many of us have no clue or need prompting to stay on course. That’s where Chamas come into play. We... View Article

August 10, 2012   by

BANK OF AFRICA CHAMA ACCOUNT REVIEW This is a new series that will review chama account options for investment groups and chamas. Investments groups today have various options when it comes to savings. Banks have rolled out specialised products for Chama’s... View Article

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