January 14, 2014   by

There are a lot of Chamas that start small and eventually grow to become a powerhouse investment club rich with assets and capital for investing. One of the secrets of their great success is working with an investment bank.   One... View Article

August 10, 2012   by

Vuna Chama Account : Consolidated Bank In the previous post, we looked the Bank of Africa ‘Chama Account’ and the value add services it offers investment groups. We continue looking at the options Chama’s have when it comes to bank... View Article

August 10, 2012   by

BANK OF AFRICA CHAMA ACCOUNT REVIEW This is a new series that will review chama account options for investment groups and chamas. Investments groups today have various options when it comes to savings. Banks have rolled out specialised products for Chama’s... View Article

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