November 17, 2013   by

Any organized Chama meeting needs a good agenda. A clear agenda will improve the effectiveness of the meeting, yet it is often the most overlooked part. If you have no clear goals and are not prepared, the meeting will turn... View Article

November 15, 2013   by

Having The Chama come to your house is fun and all, but not for them if you’re a bad host. Being a good host and making them feel welcome is important for a good time together. Here’s how to be... View Article

November 14, 2013   by

How do you handle a situation as a Chama leader where one member of the Chama seems to dominate the conversation during meetings? How often have you been in a Chama meeting and said to yourself “Why don’t they shut... View Article

November 12, 2013   by

Your Chama has done all the right things. You have made money, invested wisely, saved, and been smart with your money thus you are a well-established, wealthy Chama. But here’s your problem: All of you in the Chama are in... View Article

November 11, 2013   by

As Chama investors, it is important to have a plan on how you are going to do your investments. Since your group consists of different people with different ideas and goals, it is very easy to drift from one investment... View Article

November 07, 2013   by

In order for a Chama to run smoothly, office bearers must be in place to steer the affairs of the Chama smoothly. Who are these? These are officials that you appoint immediately after setting up the Chama to take care... View Article

November 06, 2013   by

Chama leaders and members are often irritated by the disruption caused by other members who come late to meetings or miss part of the meeting by leaving early. The members who showed up for the meeting feel disrespected and that... View Article

November 05, 2013   by

As a Chama founder, you are the leader, the one who makes sure everything runs smoothly plus you are the one who decides how to run your particular Chama. Truth be told, this role can be tiring. What can be... View Article

November 04, 2013   by

As you begin to make investments in the Nairobi Stock Exchange as a Chama, you’ll be setting up your stock investment portfolio. This is a record of everything you’ve invested in, how much you’ve invested, and how much you’ve gained... View Article

October 31, 2013   by

Meetings are an indispensable part of Chamas. Members must meet every week or every month to conduct affairs of the Chama. If you lead Chama meetings or attend them as a participant, you know that some people do things that... View Article

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