January 14, 2014   by

There are a lot of Chamas that start small and eventually grow to become a powerhouse investment club rich with assets and capital for investing. One of the secrets of their great success is working with an investment bank.   One... View Article

January 13, 2014   by

If your Chama has invested in stocks, you already know that lots of companies trade in the stock market in the Nairobi Stock Exchange from early morning and continues almost non-stop right until the final bell sounds on the Nairobi... View Article

December 04, 2013   by

There are several ways to make money out of real estate, but if you want to make sizeable investment in property then one of the ways you can do it is by buying and renovating houses that you can rent... View Article

November 25, 2013   by

Many Chamas have dreams of owning property for rental. There is a strong interest in people looking to enter the property market but typically lending institutions require a deposit of about 20 percent of the total value of the home.... View Article

November 04, 2013   by

As you begin to make investments in the Nairobi Stock Exchange as a Chama, you’ll be setting up your stock investment portfolio. This is a record of everything you’ve invested in, how much you’ve invested, and how much you’ve gained... View Article

November 01, 2013   by

As your Chama continues to build its investment portfolio, you should think about bond investment. Bonds can benefit your Chama in a number of different ways, but they are definitely not for everyone. Here are a few things to consider... View Article

October 30, 2013   by

Many Chamas are involved in a saving scheme or another. It could be a regular Chama savings or even a fixed deposit account. What do you do, when you are just starting out and you have very little money to... View Article

October 27, 2013   by

Is it wise for your Chama to borrow money to invest? Yes and No. If we borrow from one party to invest the money and make a profit, that makes sense. After all, you will beat the interest rate you are... View Article

October 26, 2013   by

We are in Chamas to make money and many of us are probably familiar with the advice: to become rich and wealthy, you must become an investor; grow your money; get your money to work for you. Unfortunately, too many... View Article

October 25, 2013   by

How safe are your Chama investments? You are generally exposed to three kinds of risk with your investments, no matter whether they are risky or safe. The first is a possibility to lose money. The second is loss of purchasing power,... View Article

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