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Most people don’t like meetings including Chama meetings. They say they are boring, go on too long, and don’t get anything done. And often that’s the truth. So to have a good meeting, you need to make it interesting, keep... View Article

September 19, 2013   by

You might have started your chama a year ago or you might have spent several months saving and now you are ready to invest. Research suggests that the right time to start investing as a chama is after your group... View Article

September 18, 2013   by

Once you’ve got your chama up and running, it’s inevitable that some of your founding members will end up withdrawing from the chama for one reason or another. Members may move away, or change jobs and have a hectic lifestyle... View Article

September 17, 2013   by

Being a chama leader, is not easy. It is mentally draining, takes up a lot of time, and requires a lot of responsibility. It takes a special person to be a good leader. Not everyone is born with the skills... View Article

September 16, 2013   by

Most of us are familiar with merry-go-round chamas as our mothers had them and we have also participated in one at one time or another.  These chamas are usually based on social reasons.  A group of friends decide that they... View Article

September 15, 2013   by

Merry-go-round chamas though quite simple and basic also have their own kettle of problems that if not resolved could hurt the chama.  As members of this group most of the times you have a common bond of friendship, neighbourhood or... View Article

September 14, 2013   by

What sets average and successful chamas is their way of thinking. The trouble is many new chamas make the same similar mistake and are quick to jump into the first investment that comes along. Here are some ideas to help... View Article

September 13, 2013   by

By Mary Anne Zita Chamas are great. They can be a source of joy for many of us and a good way to get into investment using the power of a group. Through your chama you can also develop some... View Article

September 12, 2013   by

If you want to be rich, borrow or buy the best-selling book ‘Think & Grow Rich‘, by Napoleon Hill. In this book the author has outlined simple ways to getting rich. And one of them is the power of a... View Article

September 11, 2013   by

Most chamas that aren’t successful fail within their first year or so of operation. Typically, according to Christine Mugaka of Bank of Africa, the reasons for failure comes down to the same problems, time and time again. Chamas, like many... View Article

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